Allergy Exclusion Diet

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If you're suffering from symptoms such as headaches, bloatedness, or a persistent runny nose, and you have an inkling that a certain food might be the culprit, then follow The Allergy Exclusion Diet and find out for sure.

This carefully planned 28-day diet will pinpoint your allergies, and by the end of four weeks, you'll have a clear picture of how you can avoid the offending foods. Once you've detected your allergies, you're well on your way to overcoming them. However, simply substituting certain foods for others can cause new intolerances for addictions-the key to avoiding this problem is to incorporate a rotation pattern in your diet. This information-packed book will help you do just that-filled with delicious recipes, it features a four-day rotational diet that will help relieve your allergies and the symptoms certain foods cause. Just a few simple changes in your diet can help you overcome your allergies for the rest of your life!