Mystic Michigander

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The state of Michigan, with all it's natural wonders and vast transfiguring landscapes, also holds a few peculiar wonders in it's natives peoples. Michigan has been the home of a variety of unusual people, such as Spikehorn, Michigan's true "Grizzly Adams", who had a gentle touch with the wild Michigan black bears in and around his cabin in Harrison, Michigan.
There is also the mysterious archaeologist, James Savage, who unearthed thousands of ancient tablets and artifacts throughout the state of Michigan in the late 1800's.
King Strang is the only known king to ever reign in our state. He presided over his kingdom on Beaver Island and it's presumed he was overthrown by the mainland fisherman of the day who thought King Strang was nothing more than "strange".
Did you know that Thomas Edison was from the state of Michigan? This peculiar genius, famous for inventing the light bulb and the phonograph, also thought he was psychic and could invent a machine that would bring ghosts from the spirit world to our world.
"Mystic Michigander" examines the parade of odd, unusual and eccentric people in Michigan throughout history and into the modern day. Whether you're a history buff or just like the unusual, you're bound to enjoy the strange and interesting people you'll read about in "Mystic Michigander".